DAV SEN. SEC. PUBLIC SCHOOL, Ambala City, Haryana
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.
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Sports Achievements  

Achievements 2019-20


District Level:-

1. Purnima, VI, Silver 2. Bhavya, XII, Gold 3. Sidhant Yadav, VI, Gold 4. Chetan Sharma, X, Silver 5. Sumail, X, Gold 6. Prabhnoor Singh, IX, Silver

7. Danishbir, IX, Silver 8. Vardaan, IV, Bronze 9. Harsimran Singh Bagal, VI, Bronze 10. Harry Singh, IV, Bronze 11. Aaryan, VII, Gold

State Level:-

1. Bhavya, XII, Gold 2. Sidhant Yadav, VI, Bronze 3. Aaryan, VII, Bronze

National Level:-

1. Bhavya, XII, Gold 


District Level:-

1. Abhimanyu, VII, Gold 2. Siddhant Yadav, VI, Gold 3. Prabhjot Singh, VI, Gold

State Level:-

1. Abhimanyu, VII, Gold 2. Siddhant Yadav, VI, Gold

Khel Mahakumbh:-

1. Mohit, XII, Silver 2. Tushar Bhola, XII, Silver

District block level tournament were conducted in the school as well as other local schools. Following are the achievements of the school sports stars:-


  • Badminton (under 14) - Winners (under 17) - Runners up
  • Football (under 17) - Winners (under 19) - Winners
  • Volley ball (under 19) - Runners up
  • Basket Ball (under 19) - Runners up


  • Badminton (under 14) - Winners (under 19) - Runners up
  • Basket Ball(under 17) - Winners